Whitney Queen of the Night – Review

Let’s face it; there are few greater than the late Whitney Houston. She is, after all, the most awarded female artist of all time and has engaged and inspired songs for generations. Whitney – Queen of the Night at the Savoy Theatre in London’s West End is more than just a tribute towards the angelic singer; it is a celebration of her life and her music that resonates deep within the audience. Of course, all of her main hits are there; ‘Greatest Love of All’, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’, ‘So Emotional’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’.

The production sweeps you through the timeline of Houston’s career. And do not worry; it does not matter if you are a super-fan, someone who likes her music, or someone who has never heard of Whitney’s music (if a person like that exists!). There is something in this production for everyone and there will not be a moment you don’t want to dance, stomp your feet or put your hands in the air. In fact, the whole audience were swept away with the emotion and the music – there were people dancing, clapping, cheering and singing along to the songs.

WHITNEY - QUEEN OF THE NIGHT at the Savoy Theatre in London's West End

Taking on the role of Whitney is Elesha Paul Moses. Moses has been seen and heard on The Voice, X-Factor, the Eurovision Song Contest and is renowned as a Whitney Houston tribute act winning critical acclaim across the globe. In fact, if you were none the wiser or you closed your eyes you would believe that you were in Whitney’s presence. Every note she hit was flawless and had everyone in awe. Moses’ ability to control the stage and dominate it left for a performance that was second to none.

And as with any amazing vocalist, there needs to be a live band that keeps the energy flowing. And boy, the live band available on this night did not disappoint one bit! It just had this unbeatable chemistry with Moses and alongside her three backing vocalists they did not once miss a note or a beat. From the upbeat songs, to the slower ballads; every song was performed to the highest of standards. It can be very tough to shake the music off your mind when you eventually leave the theatre.

WHITNEY - QUEEN OF THE NIGHT at the Savoy Theatre in London's West End

I found the Savoy Theatre the perfect auditorium to host such a night; it was large enough to allow for spectacular acoustics, but also small enough to allow for an intimate atmosphere. And the mixture of the two really held the audience together; united in fantastic, timeless music.

If you didn’t get a chance to go; do not fear! Whitney – Queen of the Night will be back with a bang on Sunday 2nd June and again on Sunday 7th July and we would thoroughly recommend you book your tickets early! This truly is a performance that you will not want to miss!

Book your tickets here: www.thesavoytheatre.com

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