‘Thriller Live!’ celebrating its 4,000th performance

Thriller Live at the Lyric Theatre

When Thriller Live made its debut at the Lyric Theatre in London’s West End in 2009, nobody expected it to reach the level of success that it has today. It was always a much-loved musical, but we would never have guessed that it would continue to break so many records. On September 12th, Thriller Live will be making its 4,000th performance at the Lyric Theatre, a record-breaking number that seems almost impossible in this day and age.

To celebrate this momentous accomplishment, the production will be hosting a charity gala at the Lyric Theatre, inviting many famous and well-loved guests to join the performance and sing and dance to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. The proceeds will go to the Prince’s Trust, one of Prince Charles’ charities that has been dedicated to helping at-risk youth since 1976.

The gala will include question and answer sessions, art programs, workshops, and mentoring opportunities for some of these young people, allowing them to speak with dancers, singers, actors, and members of the creative team. The Lyric Theatre is dedicated to making this not only a mesmerizing performance, but also a way to reach out to those in need through their artistic abilities. The night is sure to be a blast, with starts singing, dancing, and mingling with audience members throughout the performance.

Thriller Live at the Lyric Theatre

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