The Natural History Museum is getting a new… theatre!

The Natural History Museum has announced that it will be constructing a purpose-built theatre to house a play about the historic voyage of Charles Darwin.

The Wider Earth at the Natural History Museum

Charles Darwin is one of the most significant English naturalists, most famously known for his contributions to the theory of evolution. Many of his works have been displayed at the Natural History Museum in London, but now he is receiving the ultimate honour. The museum is planning to build a 357-seat theatre that will be host to the European premiere of The Wilder Earth, a fantastic play about Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle. The HMS Beagle, of course, is the birthplace of Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection.

The theatre will be built in the Jerwood Gallery of the museum and will serve the purpose of hosting a multitude of educational and entertaining plays and performances. With The Wilder Earth as its first production, the theatre is sure to break ground on a high note. The theatre is close to the museum’s Darwin Center, which is home to many of the geologist’s artifacts and exhibits. This will make for a great pre or post-show visit for anyone interested in learning more about the voyage and theories of Darwin.

The Wider Earth at the Natural History Museum

Scientists from the museum have reviewed the script to make sure of its historical and scientific accuracy, offering advice and changes to give the viewers the most authentic experience possible. With such a great team of knowledgeable experts behind the production, The Wilder Earth is the perfect show to open the brand-new theatre.

Get your tickets here for its first run from Tuesday 2nd October until Sunday 30th December 2018:

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