The Addams Family UK Tour – Review

It’s a tale that we all know and love, and now, The Addams Family UK Tour is coming to the live stage for families looking for a fun, laugh-out-loud experience. Indeed, as soon as you hear that iconic opening tune and your fingers start clicking, a massive rush of nostalgia hits you, and that elation and humour hardly wanes until the very end of the show.

The Addams Family UK Tour at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London

The Addams Family has been reimagined in movies several times now – but how does the live stage version compare to the traditional big-screen film? Today, we’ll be taking a look at the talent that comprises the stellar cast of The Addams Family UK Tour to help you decide once and for all whether this brand new retelling of a generations-old series is one to add to the history books.

A Nostalgically Hilarious Experience

We love The Addams Family as a franchise – it’s been going for decades now from its earliest origins on black-and-white television. However, every new reiteration brings something fresh to the table.

That’s certainly the case with The Addams Family UK Tour, which has masterfully managed to capture the unwavering attention of audience members thanks to its witty, dark humour and excellent cast who bring each of the characters we already know and love to life in a brand new way.

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The show follows the escapades of The Addams Family, a wonderfully dysfunctional family with a concerningly strong fascination with death, pain, and suffering overall. Their unique sense of humour and the family’s fascination with the dark arts and misery overall don’t necessarily make them a natural fit for a comedy show. Nevertheless, expert writing helps ensure that every portrayal of the family is even more hilarious than the last.

In this particular performance, be prepared for a change from the norm, though. Indeed, Wednesday Adams – who has only ever been a young girl in past portrayals with a particularly strong penchant for pain – has fallen in love. Not only that but she has been whisked away by a young man from a perfectly respectable, normal family – quelle horreur!

Just be sure to leave your morals at the entrance to the theatre. Death, pain, and suffering are all a celebrated part of the Addams Family, and it’s this almost taboo sense of humour that makes the show such a massive success for many people.

The Addams Family UK Tour at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London

The Cast of the Addams Family UK Tour

The Addams Family show is naturally a much-loved title, with its excellent laughs drawing crowds from near and far alike. However, the five-star cast is truly what makes this live remake such a wonderful adaptation.

The main titular characters, Morticia and Gomez Addams, are played by Joanne Clifton and Cameron Blakely respectively, whose natural chemistry seems almost electric. Meanwhile, countless other great names also help bring the show to life, such as Kingsley Morton as Wednesday Addams, Ahmed Hamad as Lucas Beineke, Scott Paige as Uncle Fester, Valda Aviks as Grandma, Dickon Gough as Lurch, and Grant McIntyre as Pugsley. This stellar cast is supported by a fabulous ensemble, each portraying an ancestor of the famous family.

The Addams Family UK Tour at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London

Final Thoughts

In a way, there’s something quite charming about The Addams Family theatre production. Indeed, though the gritty and dark humour will likely leave you feeling a little antsy and uncomfortable as you watch, you can be confident of a hilarious experience all the same, and this wonderfully eccentric cast of characters is nevertheless brought to life expertly by all of the cast members involved with making the Addams Family UK Tour the success it has been thus far.

There’s very little not to love about The Addams Family live show. As such, if you’re a fan of the originals (and their unmistakeably dark, gothic-style humour) you’ll surely be cracked up by this equally bold and hilarious live remake. It’s certainly a show for all the family – so long as your kids are old enough to know right from wrong, that is.

The Addams Family UK Tour at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London

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