Shaftesbury Theatre to get a new face

Permission has been granted to the Shaftesbury Theatre in London’s West End to add new foyer spaces, accessible ramps, and an outdoor space as part of a new redevelopment plan. This comes on the heels of a newly pedestrianized area, allowing the theatre to break away from the isolation that was once created by the roads running along every side of it on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Shaftesbury Theatre is getting a new face

Princes Circus, which is the area around the theatre, will be overhauled and changed drastically, with a pedestrian zone going in directly outside of the theatre. There will be outdoor seating around the theatre and the entry and ticket kiosk will be far more accessible and easily reached by foot traffic.

The lower and upper-level bars will both be renovated, and new foyer area in the basement will serve the stalls, helping the theatre to run more efficiently. Auditorium renovations are also planned, with 16 new toilets being installed and step-free access being granted for the first time in the theatre’s history.

Shaftesbury Theatre is getting a new face

The renovations are being carried out by Bennett’s Associates, a firm that believes the Shaftesbury Theatre deserves to be part of the future of the West End, but that it must modernize its amenities in order to do so. This is a progressive plan to keep the West End beautiful while allowing more and more people to access it and be able to enjoy a day or night in theatreland. Doing so will make catching a performance an even more pleasant experience.

The Shaftesbury Theatre is currently showing Motown.

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