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Waitress has recently just come to the Adelphi Theatre in London and has audiences completely captivated already; us included! Penned by American singer-songwriter, composer, actress and author Sara Bareilles, Waitress is a wonderful adaptation of a 2017 indie flick.

Bareilles brings with her a keen sense of comedy to the score, combing Broadway ballads with country music to elevate this sweet and heartwarming story about baking – and badly timed romance.

Waitress at the Adelphi Theatre in the West End in London

The show follows Jenna, played by Broadway star Katherine McPhee. Jenna is a small-town diner waitress who has a wonderful talent of baking the best pies around. However, she soon learns she has one in the oven herself; an unexpected pregnancy makes Jenna re-evaluate her loveless and unromantic marriage.

This all happens at the same time a handsome doctor appears in her life that starts to make her heart beat faster and reignites that spring in her step. Jenna has a wonderful friendship group and her best friends are there to guide and support her as she starts her journey into motherhood.

A turning part of the production is when a pie-baking contest offers a life-changing opportunity.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Waitress at the Adelphi Theatre in the West End in London

This is a production that could warm the coldest of hearts and we did not see one member of the audience that didn’t leave the theatre without a smile on their face and without tapping their toes along to the beat.

Waitress first appeared on Broadway in 2016 and alongside scooping up the four Tony Award nominations, it has also wowed critics and audiences alike with its fantastic approach to uplifting comedy and feel good songs.

This is Katharine McPhee’s first appearance in the West End since her rise to fame following her appearance on the reality TV show American Idol and did not seem out of place on the stage of the Adelphi Theatre.

McPhee is joined by Jack McBrayer, Laura Baldwin, Peter Hannah, David Hunter and Marisha Wallace.

Waitress at the Adelphi Theatre in the West End in London

We were absolutely blown away by Waitress and felt it was an overall jolly and fun production to go and see. Of course, being known as the only Broadway show in history to have four women in lead creative roles got people talking in the early days of the production, however, now the show allows its talent and joyous fun to do the talking.

The set has been constructed magically and at times it was hard to believe that we were in fact in a theatre in London; we felt transported to the diners of the US within seconds and the finger clicking music truly helped captivate us from start to finish.

Waitress at the Adelphi Theatre in the West End in London

Overall, Waitress turned out to be a joy to watch! The cast, the music and production were completely addictive and we expect to see good things to happen to Waitress in the near future and beyond!

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