Rocky Horror Show UK Tour – Review

Back in 1973, Richard O’Brien’s outrageous and jaw-dropping musical The Rocky Horror Show first made its appearance at the Royal Court. All those decades ago, it was considered risky, a shock – and yet still caught the imagination and desires of hundreds of people.

Now, nearly 50 years on and undertaking a brand new tour across the UK theatregoers young and old are still flocking to see this wonderfully sexy showcase. And we recently had the absolute pleasure of watching this timeless classic at the New Wimbledon Theatre – and wow! We were blown away and left shaking our hips and may have been seen doing ‘The Timewarp’ on our way home.

The Rocky Horror Show UK Tour 2019

Have you never heard about Rocky Horror? Here’s what the show is about: Young and slightly clueless lovebirds, Brad and Janet suffer from a flat tyre on their way to visit their old college professor. Without a spare, they trundle their way through the rain in search of help, only to come across the crazy universe of Dr Frank N. Furter; a cross-dressing mad scientist. The loving pair spend the night at the creepy castle with a whole host of crazy, quirky, and horny characters.

Joanne Clifton (Strictly Come Dancing) and Ben Adams (A1) have been cast perfectly as Brad and Janet and have a wonderful chemistry that is evident for all to see. Their character’s journeys as they turn from sweet and innocent youngsters to young adults looking to quench their sexual desires are flawless and well received.

The Rocky Horror Show UK Tour 2019

Dr Frank N. Furter is a character requiring sass, mojo, and offers a sense of devilish charm – and Stephen Webb (Titanic) has all of those qualities and more! The role of Rocky was handed to Callum Evans (Grease) whose body suits the role perfectly and with the added bonus of superb charm and wonderful acrobatics.

The writer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show originally played the role of Riff Raff (Richard O’Brien) and the gauntlet for this outing has been handed to Kristian Lavercombe (who has played the role more than 1300 times) with Laura Harrison (Legally Blonde) playing his fantastic sidekick Magenta.

The Rocky Horror Show UK Tour 2019

Of course, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become renowned for its fabulous crowd participation. Not only is it very common to see fellow theatregoers be dressed up as characters from the show (which is an incredible sight to behold) but the need for audiences to engage with the show is what makes it so special.

In this offering, the role of the narrator is played by Dom Joly (Trigger Happy TV) who encourages and supports some of the funniest parts of the play with his deadpan humour and fantastic responses to the heckling.

This whole performance directed by Christopher Luscombe (who has been at the helm for 13 years) does not disappoint and certainly does not leave a dry seat in the house. A show full of deep belly laughing, songs that will be stuck in your head for weeks, and the inspiration to go in search of life’s darkest tastes; The Rocky Horror Show is one that you will never forget.

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