Bromance: The Dudesical – Review

We have seen thousands of movies and tv shows about the geeky girl that wants to be friends with the popular cheerleaders, the ugly duckling that turns out to be a princess or the funny outcast that becomes a pop star. But how would the story be if all the characters were straight guys? Bromance: The Dudesical tells the story of Marty (Joshua Gannon), an IT engineer that meets a trio of best friends in a pub on a Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago. He is new in town and has no friends so he tries to start a friendship with them.

Bromance: The Dudesical at The Other Palace

When the three dudes Tom (Cellen Chugg Jones), Harry (Richard J Hunt), and Dick (Robbie Smith) accept to go out with him, Marty doesn’t know what to expect, and he is definitely on for an unforgettable (and highly educative on brotocol, brocabulary and bromantic) ride. Esme Laudat completes the cast taking all the female roles, which she does very impressively. It’s incredible how by putting a pair of glasses on she becomes an entirely different character.

Bromance: The Dudesical at The Other Palace

Even if it’s all about guys doing stereotypically straight things (drinking beer, watching sports…) the show is a musical, and their voices are amazing. We have to admit we didn’t really know what we were going to see and we are glad to say that even if it is shown in a rather small space (the Studio at The Other Palace), the talent and the performances by the cast are parallel in quality as any other West End show.

Because the venue is small you are very close to the action, which creates an intimate atmosphere, and Sarah Redmond, in charge of staging and direction, knew how to get the most of it. She created a choreography adjusted to the limited space of the stage which, along with Daniel Gillingwater‘s set design, make a funny, clever and effective performance. The songs, written by Kyle Ewalt and Michael Ian Walker, are catchy and funny, guaranteed to make you laugh.

Bromance: The Dudesical at The Other Palace

As the Bromance: The Dudesical is only on until the 24th of October we recommend you book your tickets fast. You will definitely have a good time and leave the venue with a smile on your face. So have a beer, relax, and let the dudes teach you what being a Bro really is.

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