Pro-Brexit Play ‘People Like Us’ to premiere in London

Brexit is a controversial subject around the world, but there is plenty of debate to be had about it, so why not try to make it entertaining? This is exactly what Julie Burchill and Jane Robins try to do with their pro-Brexit play People Like Us. It is a story that takes place in a book club in North London, focusing on a group of friends who sit around discussing Brexit and its advantages and disadvantages.

Although the premiere is done in support of the Brexit leave, there is plenty of nuanced conversation throughout the play and it is sure to be entertaining to all viewers, even those who are staunchly anti-Brexit. Many important themes are touched upon, such as the problems this has caused with relationships throughout the country and the polarisation among the British people that has arisen from the controversial subject.

People Like Us at the Union Theatre

Burchill is an avid supporter of Brexit but promises to show both sides of the argument while focusing on the fact that politics has left many friendships in disarray and pondering whether this sort of vitriol and tribalism is necessary. People Like Us runs at the Union Theatre in the West End starting on 2nd October and finishing its run on 20th October. Whether you are pro-Brexit, anti-Brexit, or simply have no opinion whatsoever, this could prove to be a great opportunity to educate yourself about both sides of the issue while being entertained.

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