On Your Feet! – Review

If you are looking for a really fun show, packed full of wonderful music; On Your Feet! is a production that you must go and see.

Gloria Estefan, the 80s Latin pop-star who not only had a beautifully wonderful voice but also had the ability to write hit after hit is remembered and honoured in this show which is full of great music.

On Your Feet at the London Coliseum in London's West End

Don’t worry if you do not know anything about Gloria Estefan, all will be laid out in the show. However, one thing is for sure; her life story is one that is worth celebrating. It is a story that illustrates an immigrant-to-riches type tale which saw her battle record industry prejudice to go on to become the Queen of Latin Pop.

Oscar-Winning writer Alexander Dinelaris Jr has done a great job of turning her creative and romantic partnership with hubby Emilio into this truly satisfying Broadway production that has now transferred to the London Coliseum in the West End for a short time. Jerry Mitchell’s production starts off with Gloria’s early life. Played by the vocally impressive Christie Prades, we get to see how a shy, Miami-raised daughter of Cuban immigrants thrives once she joins a local band which is led by the very ambitious Emilio (played by George Ioannides). Her mother, played by  Madalena Alberto, is quite disapproving and with right reason having had her own ambitions thwarted before.

On Your Feet at the London Coliseum in London's West End

If you are up for a little dance, sing and laugh, act one closes with a conga that leads into the audience which truly helps to bridge the gap between the audience and the cast and makes for a truly touching moment.

The second act is a lot more ballad-heavy with some truly impressive vocals and music to match. This is mainly down to the fact that the story takes a slight poignant patch. Gloria is victim to a horrific tour bus collision which causes her to need titanium rods put into her fractured spine and subsequently leads her to need months and months of gruelling physio to help her get back to her best. Despite the slow start to Act 2, it serves as a beautiful reminder of the hardship that Gloria had to endure and allows you to truly witness the wonderful vocals all of the cast possess.

On Your Feet at the London Coliseum in London's West End

Towards the end of the show, you get treated to an upbeat medley which was a sight to behold! Full of some of Gloria’s most known hits such as ‘Conga,’ ‘Get on your feet, ‘ and ‘Turn the Beat Around.’ It is hard to not get on your feet at this point and join in the electric dancing!

The set devised by David Rockwell works incredibly well with a large dance orchestra that gets wheeled back and forth from the rear of the stage by a mighty truck, and the sound by SCK Sound Design and Andrew Keister is phenomenal; the music truly booms into the audience which helps to really set the atmosphere and will get your feet tapping!

On Your Feet at the London Coliseum in London's West End

Whether you are a fan of Gloria Estefan’s music or not, one thing is for sure; this incredible production will leave you with a smile on your face and will certainly help you to ‘Get On Your Feet’!

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