NEW! Ben Adams & Joanne Clifton’s Bloody Nora

What are the key ingredients to a successful musical comedy? Crime? Love? The insight of a schizophrenic serial killer? Severed body parts? Bloody Nora The Musical promises to be a devilishly funny, slightly haunting and yet lovable musical by the wonderfully talented Ben Adams and Joanne Clifton.

Bloody Nora with Ben Adams and Joanne Clifton

Set in the late 1930s in a fictional town called Lovelyville, the script, written by Adams and Clifton, is an emotional roller coaster sweeping from emotions of a feel-good mood and shifting down at pace to a horror with a haunting twist – and is inspired from perhaps one of the darkest and most twisted true stories the world has ever seen.

Nora Brindley, the protagonist in Bloody Nora is a larger than life character who is an oddly loveable psycho murderess whose performance and story will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat. Nora is the loving and devoted wife of Johnny East, a perfectly clean and law-abiding Deputy Sheriff. The script and music carry the audience along on a journey inside of Nora’s complicated mind as she finds the balance between being the perfect housewife and home maker whilst enjoying her hobby and habit of ending any person that she cannot fall into line with.

Of course, no musical set in the 1930’s can be complete without the addition of big brass bands, swinging dance moves and a toe-tapping, knee-jolting soundtrack to help the whole musical flow. With all of the music being produced originally for this production it’s guaranteed that audiences of any age will be swept away and transported to times gone by when jazz ruled supreme and fashion really hit its prime.

The catchy and wonderful score has been conjured up by the wizards behind the music of ‘Eugenius’ and with the perfect blend of choreography from the Strictly Come Dancing Champion the score is one to beat! Audiences will be shuffling their way out of auditoriums clicking their fingers for months to come!

There are some nice similarities between Bloody Nora and a 1930’s style ‘Sex and the City’ with Nora and her trio of girlfriends as they plot and converse. Will Nora be able to chase away her demons, and will Johnny be able to uphold the law?

Ben Adams and Joanne Clifton have warped imaginations and Bloody Nora is certainly going to be a musical that you should not miss. With an incredible script, a cast with unbeatable chemistry, a score and choreography to match the best; Bloody Nora is certainly a musical to add to your diaries.

Joanne Clifton rose to fame on Strictly Come Dancing and came 1st with Ore Oduba in season 14 with an average score of 35.7. Ben Adams is perhaps most known as a member of boyband A1, however, in recent years moved into musical theatre with great performances in Flashdance.

Most recently, Adams and Clifton worked together on the latest tour of The Rocky Horror Show with Adams playing Brad, and Clifton playing Janet.

There isn’t an official opening date yet so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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