Michael Starring Ben – Review

To be able to take on the act of The King of Pop, and to be able to do it well is truly a wonderful skill to behold, and that is exactly what I witnessed when Michael Starring Ben came to the world-famous London Palladium!

Michael Starring Ben has been winning applause up and down the country throughout the years and finally, it made its way to the West End for its long-awaited debut. It´s this year that marks 10 years since the death of Michael Jackson, who will undoubtedly go down as one of the most influential and popular entertainers of all time.

Michael Starring Ben at the London Palladium in the West End

Led by singer Ben Bowman, alongside an array of backing singers, plus an on-stage band and dancers, this show took the whole audience on a journey full of nostalgia through some of Michael’s greatest hits. As a Michael Jackson fan, I was very much looking forward to this production, but I do have to say that it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Michael Jackson’s music or not; the whole production gave off such power that I dare say anyone watching would instantly become a fan!

Ben Bowman has been wowing audiences for years, and not only did he look and sound like Michael Jackson, but he also gave off a performance that just oozed smoothness. It’s clear that the role of Michael Jackson was one that he was born to play.

It was a delight to be able to hear all of the classics being played and sung as they should; at one point I closed my eyes and I thought I may as well have been listening to Michael Jackson himself live on stage!

Michael Starring Ben at the London Palladium in the West End

During the first act, Ben Bowman sang a wonderful rendition of Wanna Be Startin’ Something and looking around the audience, there were smiles on the faces of many. I instantly knew he had been accepted as Michael Jackson by everyone in the auditorium, and if anything, the audience really added to the whole performance. The mixture of stunning vocals, eye-catching choreography and head bopping live music shot electricity across the audience and everyone everywhere was up dancing, clapping and even singing along.

As with any musical act, this then fed back to the band and Ben which just intensified the whole evening hitting its climax with arguably one of Michael Jackson’s best hits; Billie Jean.

Walking out from the London Palladium, with Smooth Criminal still running through my head, I felt that I had honestly just watched Michael Jackson, the King of Pop perform.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Starring Ben – Review

  1. We had amazing seats front row dead centre in a truly iconic historical building It was a truly amazing night it was literally like Michael himself was reincarnated in Ben this guys talent has no bounds a true showman a gent and lovely guy he treats you like friends not an audience this is the third time I’ve watched the show and it just gets better and better I can’t wait until the show comes back near me as definitely coming again Ben gives it his all the whole show through left me with goosebumps and my heart racing from the sheer thrill of what an epic performance it was I wasn’t feeling myself very low and the show brought me to my feet helped my mental health on that day amazingly the band are made up of very talented people love the lead guitarist and vocalists the dancers are truly epic such talent and prowess such an amazing team of people well done to all of you sending loves from a epic top fan 🙂 #goandseethisshowifyouhaventalready in one it is truly EPIC!!!!! 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Elissa! We definitely agree with all your comments, the show is amazing. I have never seen anyone act and sing like Michael Jackson as accurately as Ben does! I hope you get to see him again, I keep recommending it to all my friends that I know like Michael Jackson because I am sure anyone who does would love this production. Ben is so talented and the singers, dancers and band are just completing the overall outstanding experience! It’s definitely something to experience at least once, and maybe more times if possible!

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