Jenna Coleman and Colin Morgan to join ‘All My Sons’

Arthur Miller’s hit play All My Sons will be receiving a major overhaul next year with the additions of Colin Morgan and Jenna Coleman. The two stage stars will be joining world-renowned actors Sally Field and Bill Pullman in the heart-wrenching story about a family who lost one of their sons at war. Placing all of these fantastic performers together in the same play is sure to garner a fantastic show for the crowd.

Jenna Coleman and Colin Morgan to join cast of All My Sons at the Old Vic

Coleman and Morgan are known for appearing in the widely popular Doctor Who television series, but they both have plenty of experience with live theatre as well. The two have shown great chemistry in the past and are thrilled to work with film legends Sally Field and Bill Pullman. Morgan starred in Humans and The Living and the Dead while Coleman has begun filming the third series of Victoria.

All My Sons tells the story of a family who has been torn apart from the effects of World War 2, with their oldest son Larry having been missing for 3 years. Some members are still holding out hope for his return while the others struggle with the concept of his likely passing. The family endures many arguments and heartbreaking moments throughout the course of the play, and the cast is sure to put together a performance that really plays with your emotions. The additions of Coleman and Morgan are welcome and should provide plenty of reason to check out this play at the Old Vic.

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