Chambers_ the theatre dining experience – review

We are living in an age where dining out needs to be about more than just good food. Diners want to be excited, enthralled and enticed. No one really wants to head out for a safe meal where you know exactly what you can expect; and if you are looking for a meal out like no other, then Gingerline’s Chambers_ is right for you.

Chambers_ Gingerline's immersive theatre dining experience. Chambers of Flavour

Chambers of Flavour has become a huge talking point on the London dining scene and for all of the right reasons; it marries up delicious culinary creations with crazy storytelling to help deliver an experience that is completely like no other.

Since Gingerline began similar events in secret locations London has been truly obsessed, and Chambers_ could just be their best offering to date.

From the genius brainchild of Suz Mountfort and Kerry Adamson, Chambers_ enters a whole world full of art, design, performance and of course – food. To add to the experience, diners are only told of the exact location via text message just a few hours before it starts. And to make things more intriguing, all those that attend are sworn to secrecy about the details of the experience; adding to the suspense and flirtation that comes alongside Chambers_. Even we are not allowed to divulge too much – but what we can tell you is that this was a dining experience that set the bar very high for others to come!

Chambers_ Gingerline's immersive theatre dining experience. Chambers of Flavour

Our senses were put to the test throughout the whole experience. It truly was a multi-sensory meal that allowed our imaginations to run riot and out of control. The ticket price includes five-courses alongside a drink and a palate cleanser. But alongside this, you get treated to a storyline that lasts approximately 120 minutes and takes place in stunning sets with top acting to match. With so many dimensions to the story, it feels like you are hurtling at 100mph through a great vortex of amazing food and fantastic entertainment. It must be said that the value for money is absolutely incredible – to be able to be treated to a five-course meal whilst being entertained is something so few could compete with; especially with this high quality.

There is also a beautiful bar to enjoy before your adventure starts; and we highly recommend you grab a drink from here to help you to relax, unwind and open your mind.

Chambers_ Gingerline's immersive theatre dining experience. Chambers of Flavour

As we mentioned earlier, there is only so much we are allowed to tell you. However, we are allowed to let you know that tickets are only released in small batches and as they are so popular they sell out very fast indeed! So be sure to keep your eye out. We would also recommend you wear comfortable clothes (including shoes!) to allow you to engage with the multi-dimensional travel.

Do you feel ready for a dining experience that is out of this world?

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Chambers_ Gingerline's immersive theatre dining experience. Chambers of Flavour
Example of the food from a previous experience

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