Blood Brothers UK Tour – Review

Blood Brothers is a hard-hitting northern tale that has always represented a significant clash between the classes, and with the show now coming to the live stage on its UK tour, it’s also an excellent opportunity to experience the tale in a new way.

Blood Brothers UK Tour at the New Wimbledon Theatre

A Powerful Depiction of Class

The Blood Brothers tale follows the story of fraternal twin brothers Mickey and Eddie, who were separated at birth. While one brother remained in a lower-class household, the other was adopted into a life of luxury and wealth. Though remaining close friends throughout their early lives, they gradually began taking different approaches, with one brother turning to a life of crime, while the other looks to his future for an Oxford University education.

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Blood Brothers follows a close theme of “nature vs. nurture,” with the show exploring how upbringing plays a pivotal role in an individual’s life choices, regardless of background or genetics.

It was originally adapted for a theatre performance on the West End in 1983, but the story has since undergone several UK tours, all of which have gone on to receive great critical acclaim. The show features several catchy and wonderfully memorable songs that audiences know and love, including Easy Terms, Tell me It’s Not True, and Marilyn Monroe, just to name a few.

With over 10,000 performances, Blood Brothers has become one of the longest-running West End musicals ever. For 2022, the show is currently wowing audiences at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London and is sure to continue thrilling audiences for countless performances to come on its UK tour.

Blood Brothers UK Tour at the New Wimbledon Theatre

The Cast of Blood Brothers

The reboot of Blood Brothers is set to achieve immense success for its 2022 run, with numerous big names having a significant role in the success.

Indeed, with big talents performing in the show’s latest run, including Joel Benedict as Edward, Sean Jones who is reprising his role as Mickey and Niki Evans, the X Factor finalist as Mrs. Johnstone (who also played the part in the West End). What’s more, with narration by Robbie Scotcher, making the transitions between light and dark seamless and smooth, this is proving to be a multitalented cast.

Guests and critics alike have praised the show for its energy, vibrancy, and buzz. The excellent set design is perfectly paired with the performers’ talents for a memorable experience overall. Plus, though the show is set in the 1980s, the expertly honed performances help ensure that viewers are easily able to engage with the storyline with many moments of humour in what is ultimately a very dark and moving story.

Blood Brothers UK Tour at the New Wimbledon Theatre

Our Final Verdict

When it comes to theatre, several shows and performances are particularly well suited to a theatre portrayal – and Blood Brothers perfectly fits. Indeed, with tremendous acting coupled with a truly incredible soundtrack, the show is hard-hitting and gritty.

Nevertheless, though it tells a tragic tale and delivers a strong blow from the reality of a class-driven society, the show also combines just the right amount of colour and vibrancy to keep it engaging and captivating throughout. It’s clear for audiences to see just how much energy, passion, and talent was put into making this age-old story a reality on the live stage.

Altogether, we’re confident that Blood Brothers is a musical that’s been masterfully converted and could be an excellent treat for any theatre fan and this 2022 run of the show certainly sets the bar high.

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