Awful Auntie to open at the Bloomsbury Theatre

Anyone ever wonder what happened to the Bloomsbury Theatre? Wonder no longer! After three and half grueling years of downtime, the Bloomsbury is scheduled to reopen on 12 December, featuring an adaptation of David Walliams best-selling children’s book Awful Auntie!

The historic Bloomsbury Theatre will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its original opening starting in December. The theatre was built in 1968 and enjoyed a long stretch of success before closing for renovations in 2015. Three and a half long years later, and Bloomsbury fans will have something to cheer about with its re-opening!

Awful Auntie at the Bloomsbury Theatre

The first performance in over 3 years will be a rendition of David Walliams hilarious children’s book Awful Auntie. Walliams is an established British comedian who is best known from his time on the show Little Britain as well as his role as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. His comedic abilities translate well to the world of children’s stories, which is good news for the theatric production.

Originally playing at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow, Awful Auntie will come to the Bloomsbury Theatre with a whole new cast and crew. This silly, engaging, and educational show will be a great time for children and parents alike to enjoy a light-hearted night out at a newly renovated but historic theatre in Bloomsbury, at the University College London. The production will be staged from 12 December until 5 January 2019. Now is the perfect time to get your tickets if you want to take part in this event!

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