All my sons – Review

All My Sons has earned rave reviews over the years. It has captured the hearts and minds of audiences up and down the country and having watched it at The Old Vic theatre I have to concur; this is a production that does not disappoint. Jeremy Herrin directs the classic American play and somehow elevates it to a level that is higher than ever before.

All my sons at The Old Vic starring Jenna Coleman and Colin Morgan

All My Sons is a classic 20th-century play written by Arthur Miller and focusses on the themes of social responsibility set against personal gain. The play is only set over the course of a day; in 1947, Joe Keller (played by Bill PullmanIndependence Day, The Other Place) is a proud and loving father that made his fortune during the Second World War as a businessman. His wife Kate (Sally FieldMrs Doubtfire, The Glass Menagerie) refuses to give up hope of their youngest son, Larry, returning home after being reported missing in action 3 years earlier. Larry’s childhood sweetheart Ann Deever (Jenna ColemanDoctor Who, Emmerdale) threatens to expose a dark secret, at the request of the eldest son Chris (Colin MorganMerlin). This secret has the potential to tear all of their lives apart for good.

All my sons at The Old Vic starring Jenna Coleman and Colin Morgan

The cast has been put wonderfully together and the stage just oozes class and talent. Bill Pullman is a talented actor who has worked in a whole host of roles across TV, film and the stage and is by far the most talented – playing the working man done good seems to suit him down to a tee. Of course, Sally Field has won an Oscar for very good reason and her portrayal of a mourning wife who is manipulative and yet likeable is one to behold. In fact, the entire cast wowed from start to finish. The inclusion of Jenna Coleman and Colin Morgan help to draw in the younger members of the audience and their talents are given the chance to come out in this production. It truly is a brilliantly crafted play that enthrals and excites throughout.

All my sons at The Old Vic starring Jenna Coleman and Colin Morgan

Max Jones’ warm yet slightly spooky set is truly effective at evoking the various emotions that the whole production takes you through and gives you an even greater foreboding feeling alongside the fantastic lighting set up by Richard Howell. Piece this together with the sound melodies from Carolyn Downing and you are in for an emotional rollercoaster of a ride that gives you the chance to act as a voyeur looking in on a family who seems the average very much, American dream living family, and yet have dark secrets like many of us also do.

The Old Vic is the perfect home for All My Sons. The whole show and the stage fit together perfectly and this just blends in wonderfully amongst the audience to turn into a near enough perfect performance that I highly recommend you go and see whilst you can!

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