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About West End Theatreland

The West End is world-renowned for the quality of its theatre and musical theatre productions and, at West End Theatreland, you can keep up with all the latest news, reviews, and insights so that you always know exactly what is in and what is going on, what is on the way out and what is on the way up. This site is all about honesty first and foremost, so you can be sure that whatever you read here, you are getting the inside scoop on everything West End.

Of course, at West End Theatreland we don’t limit ourselves to West End theatre, we also write about off-West End productions and even fringe. The London theatre community is vast and in all its pockets there is something interesting to stumble upon and discover. We have made it our mission to help you to do just that, to find all the little gems, all the details and all the big deals in this community. There is a lot to stay ahead of, that is true, but if you read West End Theatreland regularly, you will always be up to date.


West End Theatreland has amassed a sizeable and dedicated following since its launch. To date, there are more than 35,000 followers on West End Theatreland’s Twitter page, representing a large base of fans all sharing an interest in West End, off-West End, and London theatre and musical theatre productions. Named a top 10 UK theatre blog, West End Theatreland has reviewed more than a hundred shows since its launch, so whenever you read something that we have written, you can be confident that we are coming from an informed and enriched perspective.

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About the Editor-in-Chief

My name is Martin and as the founder of West End Theatreland I want to make this the premier site for the London theatre community. I studied Journalism and Marketing at university and since then I have gone to work writing and marketing, deciding about three years ago to combine my passions for these fields with my passion for theatre – and created what has since become this very site!

I would like to welcome all theatregoers to read and comment on our posts and to stay engaged with the West End Theatreland community on social media. You can even submit your own material through the email below. Whatever you have to say or ask, I welcome you to do so.

For PR and press matters, please contact us directly at hello@westendtheatreland.com.
I am always happy to share my media kit and to discuss the work that I do on this site. Staying engaged with other media outlets and with the talent that makes up the London theatre community is always a thrill for me!


About West End Theatreland