Cabaret UK Tour 2020 – Review

The musical classic and fan favourite Cabaret is on tour in the UK and is making a stop at the historic New Wimbledon Theatre in London! The dark wartime drama is not for the faint of heart, but it’s sure to impress any crowd who can handle the heavy subject matter. Whether you’re a fan of the original production, the movie adaptation, or if you’re a first-time viewer, Cabaret is sure to make for an exquisite night of entertainment.

Cabaret UK Tour 2020

The cast works together seamlessly to create a spectacular performance that feels genuine and straight from the heart. John Partridge, the well-known West End actor who has starred in Chicago and A Chorus Line, takes the stage as the menacing emcee of the troubled but tightly knit Kit Kat Klub. Partridge captures the darkness of the era perfectly while providing just the right amount of comic relief.

Cabaret UK Tour 2020

Kara Lily Hayworth stars as leading character Sally Bowles, the flirtatious but jaded performer who finds the perfect balance between sexuality and pragmatism. Hayworth’s performance is nothing short of exceptional, with her beautiful singing voice providing more than enough flare to carry the play. However, her acting is just as strong, and the chemistry between Hayworth’s Sally and Cliff Bradshaw (played brilliantly by Charles Hagerty) is fantastic.

Cabaret UK Tour 2020

Though Hayworth could easily steal the show as Sally, she is complemented very nicely by Anita Harris as the hospitable Fraulein Schneider. Harris has a long track record of success in live performance, coming to prominence in the 60s as a singer and going on to be a premier star in Cats in the West End. The great chemistry between Hayworth and Hagerty is easily matched by that between Harris and James Paterson, who does a bang-up job of portraying Herr Schultz.

Cabaret UK Tour 2020

The main characters put on a heck of a show, but the smaller characters are also fantastic in their performances. Basienka Blake as Fraulein Kost and Nick Tizzard as Ernst Ludwig add a lot of talent to the show without going over the top. Much of this can be attributed to the professional directing of Rufus Norris and production value coming from Bill Kenwright.

Cabaret UK Tour 2020

Credit should also be given to the choreography of Javier De Frutos, as the dancing throughout the play is highly impressive and provides a lot of fun for such a dark story. The performance as a whole is bound to draw out a wide range of emotions from the audience, and one should not expect to leave in a light, airy mood.

Cabaret UK Tour 2020

As mentioned, this is a heavy play and doesn’t dabble too much in happy subjects. But the effect that it has on the audience is immeasurable, and that is a direct result of the amazing acting of the cast and production of the crew. If you’re looking for a story that is really going to make you think, then Cabaret at is an excellent choice.

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